APACHE GIRL ( Email me here )

Now my inner child's unusual, what they call a problem child.
For she doesn't like brick houses, and she doesn't eat mince pies.
Now she thinks she's an apache from an ancient native tribe,
So she goes to school in moccasins wearing shamy leather ties.
She has made herself a wigwam from old broomsticks and new clothes
And she's tied some pretty conch shells along all the button holes.
{That's where I do my homework but don't let my master know].

And at dawn she drags in dustbins and lays them down in rows
And she won't let me disturb them, say's they are her buffaloes.
Every morning at the bus stop, when the neighbours talk and pry
I have to reassure them that my little angel's fine! (SGEA©)

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